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Sam Bergwein

Silence 2

Silence 2

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120 cm x 100 cm

Acrylic Paint on Canvas


Estimated value: £2,900

On offer from NewingerART.


UK: £85
Europe: £200

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Sam Bergwein

Sam Bergwein was born 1996 in Stuttgart, Germany, where he currently lives. He is a contemporary artist who has always been influenced by colour compositions, architecture and art.

In his work, Sam deals with different states of consciousness and tries to transform them visually onto the canvas. Each series is created through different emotional situations and phases of life, which he uses as a therapeutic tool through the creative process. He is convinced that he has already overcome the darkest times in his life. In addition, he always moved on and came out of each series stronger and more creative. This gives each series a valuable meaning and he hopes to draw attention to issues that are often not talked about or left unsaid.

His work mainly focuses abstract colour compositions including very impressive haptic surfaces. Most of his artworks are painted on canvas with acrylic, oil pastels and mixed media. He tries to use his technical skills in a targeted way in several layers to achieve a harmonious but at the same time exciting result and works primarily with handcrafted tools such as palette knives, scrapers and sponges. In the desire to be close to his materials, he often works bare-handed.

With his bold and stylish artworks, he has now made it into collections on 5 continents, sold in his first year over 100 works and had already exhibitions in Munich, London and Amsterdam, all in his short time in the art world. There is no end in sight, as the young artist works in a very focused and disciplined manner in his studio to constantly develop artistically.