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We bring you live auctions of the best and most desirable art across the industry.  Art Hawk is a premium platform for established and reputable artists and galleries to sell the most exciting and trending artwork on the market.


Why Buy Art with Art Hawk?

  • We do not charge any buyer's premium or additional fees. Most auction houses charge 25-35%! With us, the price you bid is the price you pay.
  • We work with reputable galleries and artists across the industry, carefully selecting the best works for auction.
  • We are dedicated to sourcing artwork which is exciting, trending and ascending in market interest.
  • Our auctions give you the opportunity to find outstanding premium offers and exclusive deals on desirable artwork from leading galleries.
  • We focus on customer satisfaction, only working with galleries who provide a reliable, punctual and professional service.
  • We deliver to anywhere in the world. Our prices might be in GBP (£), but our customers can secure incredible artwork from anywhere.


If you have a passion for art or want to add  collectable and special pieces to your collection, then Art Hawk is where you will find it. Managed by gallerists with many years' experience, Art Hawk provides carefully curated auctions of the world's most exciting work.

Here you can browse an incredible range of exciting artwork and get bidding straight away!

We wish you luck in winning the incredible works of art you've always wanted.  Should you need any assistance, please do get in touch here.