Collection: The Art Buyer


The Art Buyer’s mission is simple: to banish blank walls and fill our homes with beautiful art. We know that buying art can be daunting for many people and it’s often difficult to even know where to start. We also know that many artists making amazing and affordable art often struggle to find the right audience. We’re here to help.

We scour art colleges, degree shows, exhibitions and artist’s studios and work collaboratively with emerging and established artists across the UK. We unearth exciting and accessible art that we hope you’ll live with, and love, for a lifetime. We help new buyers explore their likes and interests and advise on what works in the space they wish to fill. We create connections between art buyers and artists – helping collectors understand more about their art – the story and inspiration behind artists’ work.

Founder Helen has spent a lifetime in love with art – and is passionate about helping others discover a love for it too. Having studied Art History at Manchester University, she pursued a career in commercial marketing and went on to develop her knowledge at Sotheby’s and working with galleries in London and Surrey. Helen now revels in travelling the length and breadth of the UK discovering the most interesting and inspiring artists at work today.

For Helen, art is deeply rooted in the power of memories, it spans generations, sparks conversations and she simply could not be without it.