Collection: Liberation Art Gallery

Liberation art gallery is an exciting new gallery and art event space that hosts traditional arts and crafts workshops for all ages and abilities.  We are committed to showcasing artwork that explores catharsis and healing by providing individuals and artists a safe space for self-expression, and a platform to flourish.

From less represented groups alongside the artwork of well-established artists, we pride ourselves on supporting all artists equally and champion the belief that creativity, can and will be, a catalyst for change. We recognise the beauty and value in every piece of art and the powerful journey of liberation which led to its creation. By introducing you to some incredibly thought-provoking works of art, we also offer a glimpse into the inspiring stories of the extraordinary artists behind them.

A person-centred gallery, Liberation Art Gallery is committed to providing bespoke packages to art lovers and buyers. We include specialist advice and guidance around unique selections of art, connecting our buyers with the art they love. Our in-house team offer a comprehensive after-sales service to assist with all aspects of art collecting including framing, storage, insurance, delivery, installation, lighting and maintenance. 

Work with an art advisor free of charge. Choose from a selection of handpicked artwork, so you don’t have to spend hours visiting galleries or searching on the internet.

More amazing artwork will soon be auctioned by this seller.