Collection: Labyrinth Gallery

"I’m Darren Marcus, Owner of Labyrinth Gallery, Brighton. Opening this Gallery is nearly 30 years in the making. I have always been drawn to Brighton and finally making the decision to re-locate here last year, has allowed me to realise a life-long ambition to open my own gallery in the town centre. Having a passion for music and art, Labyrinth Gallery Brighton allows me to indulge in 2 of my great loves in life.I have managed a number of retail fashion shops, been a lead singer for a couple of bands and set up a number of Art exhibitions and galleries over the years. Then around 5 years ago, before the untimely death of my ultimate idol Bowie, I saw an exhibition online, from an artist who I had known and dealt with for a number of years, but who I hadn’t spoken to for some time. His exhibition of Iconic art, inspired by Pop Culture, featuring David Bowie, ultimately inspired me to focus on this genre of art for the gallery and I look forward to meeting anyone who is interested, at the gallery very soon".

Although in the city centre, around the corner from the busy main streets, Dukes Lane offers a more relaxed and exclusive shopping experience, for collectable art. Dukes Lane has always had a special appeal and charm of its own and with some great existing and new stores opening here, I hope it will continue to be one of the best known secrets in Brighton.