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Drawings usually entail the creation of images, designs, or representations on a two-dimensional surface using various tools and materials. Drawing is one of the fundamental forms of visual art and has been practiced for centuries as a means of expressing ideas, observations, emotions, and stories. It serves as a foundational skill for many other art forms, such as painting, printmaking, and even digital art.

Drawing can be done using a wide range of mediums, such as graphite pencils, charcoal, ink, pastels, markers, colored pencils, and more. Each medium offers unique textures, tones, and effects, allowing artists to achieve different visual outcomes. Different techniques are employed to create a wide variety of effects in drawing. Techniques include hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, blending, shading, contour drawing, gesture drawing, and more. These techniques are used to convey depth, form, and texture within the drawing.

Drawing can evoke emotions and convey meaning through the artist's use of line, shape, color (if applicable), and composition. The act of drawing itself can also be an intimate and personal form of self-expression.

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