Collection: No Naked Walls

No Naked Walls is an independent gallery offering a diverse selection of inspiring paintings, sculptures, and select limited edition prints by over 60 fantastic artists. 

Owner and manager Sharon Withers began her No Naked Walls journey in 2011, with over eighteen years of gallery management experience, and a degree from The Slade School of Fine Art.

They opened the first No Naked Walls gallery in Chertsey and enjoyed growing their business in the quaint and charming gallery space for nearly 10 years. In 2013, they opened a second gallery space in their much larger Bramley gallery, which became their primary location in early 2020. Situated on the High Street in Bramley, they are easily accessible and 3 miles from Guildford Town Centre. It offers a stunning showroom packed full of invigorating, often large scale contemporary art. They work closely with their artists to source truly inspiring and individual pieces, and they run a regular exhibition programme.