Collection: Richard Blunt

Born and raised in the West Midlands, UK, Richard Blunt always aspired to be creative.  As a visual storyteller, Blunt takes immense inspiration from the muses of film and music and the paradoxical simplicities and complexities of the world around him.

Predominantly an oil painter working within a traditional skillset, the obsession to create a story from each painting is a celebration of fashion, props and even romance from a bygone era as each piece tells a story of love, life and mystery.

Richard's work can be found in galleries worldwide.  A nationally appreciated and internationally collected painter whose commendation belies his relative youth, Richard Blunt signed with Wishbone Publishing in 2018. A firm fixture within the British art world for over half a decade, Blunt paints full time from his dedicated studio in his adopted hometown of Cardiff.

More amazing artwork will soon be auctioned by this seller.